Burgers & Fried Chicken at Bite Me Burger & Get Plucked, Southampton

AD – This meal was complimentary in return for a review.

This weekend we headed over to the newest burger & fried chicken restaurant in Southampton, and it’s somewhere that I’ve been keen to visit for a little while. Hailing from London, Bite Me Burger has opened their doors in Southampton alongside their sister restaurant, Get Plucked.

You’ll find Get Plucked & Bite Me Burger near Bedford Place in Southampton, about a 15 minute walk from the popular West Quay shopping centre. If you’re visiting by car, there are plenty of car parks nearby.

Food at Get Plucked & Bite Me Burger is cooked to order and is available to eat in or takeaway – and I’d definitely recommend eating in and taking full advantage of the imaginative decor!

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Burger buns for lampshades? Genius. Have you ever seen such on-brand decor?

decor at Bite Me Burger

On the menu you’ll find choices from Bite Me Burger or Get Plucked – you can order miniature burgers from Bite Me Burger, with special lunchtime deals available if you order two per person.

On the Get Plucked side you’ll find a range of chicken burgers, all available with fried chicken thigh or a grilled chicken breast – and their names are genius! When we head back, I’ve definitely got my eyes on Hen Solo or Hen-niffer Lopez. There are also chicken cones, filled with fried chicken and tossed in various homemade sauces, as well as wings, popcorn chicken and sides.

Plenty of choice, and make sure you arrive hungry – we certainly did!

menu at Bite Me Burger & Get Plucked

Our feast arrived promptly – and what a feast it was. We ended up ordering two mini burgers each, a portion of fries & potato salad to share and a chicken cone. It was all delicious.

food at bite me burger & get plucked
burgers and fried chicken at bite me burger and get plucked
miniature burgers and fried chicken at bite me burger and get plucked

First up, we have my burgers. Unable to resist the lure of fried chicken, I opted for a Pluck Me (loving the names) – a buttermilk fried chicken burger, served simply with yuzu mayo, lettuce and pickle. The chicken was so juicy and crisp – very good and I would definitely try a big version!

I also chose to try one of the Halloween Specials – the Pumpkin Beef Encounter. This little burger sounded so unusual – an aged beef patty topped with pumpkin mayo, served in a charcoal bun. Unusual but delicious! Well cooked (I hate pink burgers) and the mayo was delicately flavoured with pumpkin.

Everything is a little bit better when it comes in miniature, isn’t it?

miniature burgers at bite me burger
miniature fried chicken burger at bite me burger

T chose a Pluck Me as well (also a sucker for fried chicken) and a Duck Me – have you ever seen a duck burger on the menu before? We certainly hadn’t! The Duck Me was a duck patty served with truffle mayo, smoked hoisin, Swiss cheese & rocket. I am assured that this was very tasty – T loves anything with duck and a bit of hoisin!

miniature burgers at bite me burger

We ordered a portion of fries and some potato salad to share – both were good. The fries were very crispy and well cooked, and the potato salad was a good one.

Here we have the chicken cone – and definitely the highlight of our meal! Again, something unusual that we’ve never seen on a menu before, but given our love of fried chicken we absolutely had to try it.

Fried chicken, chopped and tossed in a homemade honey butter sauce (yum.) and served in a freshly made waffle cone. What a sentence.

The honey butter sauce was incredibly tasty, and far nicer than I was expecting – not too sweet, a little salty and very moreish. The waffle cone was thin and crisp, and actually worked very well with the chicken!

chicken waffle cone at get plucked

Here you’ll see my look of approval for the chicken cone – a very tasty bit of fried chicken that will be making its way into my Guide to the BEST fried chicken in Hampshire shortly!

fried chicken waffle cone at get plucked

One of the things I really like about Bite Me Burger & Get Plucked is how original everything is – from the decor and inventive burger names to the unusual and unique flavour combinations, we enjoyed everything about our experience. Plus, if you like getting photos for the ‘gram – the restaurant is very photo worthy!

If you find yourself in Southampton, get yourself down to Bite Me Burger & Get Plucked for a meal – it’s a little bit out of the main city centre, but it’s worth travelling a little further for.

Have a browse of the menu at Get Plucked here and Bite Me Burger here.


Burgers & Fried Chicken at Get Plucked & Bite Me Burger, Southampton, Hampshire

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