Dryrobe – Ultimate Camping Accessory

The ultimate camping accessory? For me, it has to be a Dryrobe.

If you haven’t heard of them before, it’s basically a waterproof dressing gown – in a nutshell. Except it’s so much more than that!

A Dryrobe is a warm changing robe, stylish accessory and a outdoor enthusiast’s best friend. Since I got mine last year it has come away with us on every campervan trip, as well as a couple of holidays.

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I have the short sleeve advance robe – and as you can see, the sleeves are still pretty long!

My favourite ways to use my Dryrobe are:

  • Snuggly layer for chilly evenings
  • Waterproof warm dressing gown for running to the toilets in the rain
  • Changing robe (just tuck your arms inside and there’s plenty of room!)
  • Shower trips

Now, the last use is my personal favourite, and the thing that has made the Dryrobe so useful on our camping trips.

Showering in a camping environment is never very fun, and certainly isn’t glamorous – but it can be made a little better with this trick.

Gone are the days of stuffing a carrier bag with shampoo, shower gel, clothes to change into and a towel – now all I do is pop my shampoo and shower gel into the pockets of my Dryrobe (they’re massive), strip off completely and zip up the Dryrobe all the way. Then I just grab my towel and walk rather smugly to the shower block.

Easy, right? The Dryrobe is so long and full-coverage that no one would know you’re in the nude underneath, and it eliminates the horrible post-shower wet-skin getting-dressed fiasco. So much better.

dryrobe camping campervancampervan accessory dryrobe

If you regularly do outdoor activities like watersports, camping, sailing, swimming, mountain biking or anything else remotely chilly or wet – you need a Dryrobe. I’m so pleased with mine, and I can see myself expanding my collection in the future.

I have also bought the seat cover for my car, which is perfect for cold mornings or if you’re getting in the car slightly damp – and their woolly hats are very comfortable.


Find out more about Dryrobe here.



Dryrobe - the Ultimate Camping Accessory

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  1. Wendy wrote:

    Ha ha well that made me laugh…but I see the important advantage of having a dry robe…does tom borrow it 😄

    Posted 9.23.19 Reply
  2. Oh I so need one of these for when we got to festivals!!

    Squibb Vicious

    Posted 9.24.19 Reply