Woodfired Pizza at Embers, Padstow

Padstow is home to an array of seafood & fine dining restaurants, alongside several pubs – but a relatively new addition to the town is Embers Pizza. Embers offer woodfired pizza to either takeaway or eat in, and it really is some excellent pizza! You’ll find Embers near the harbour in Padstow, on Market Place road.

Their restaurant is very small, with just a handful of tables – so if you happen to be staying in Padstow when you visit, I’d suggest walking up to their takeaway window and ordering your pizza to go. We did precisely that!

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Embers have a selection of very tempting pizzas to choose from – so tempting, in fact, that we actually decided to order two childrens pizzas each to try more flavours!

Genius? I certainly think so!

embers pizza in padstow cornwall

All of our excited ordering resulting in a rather large stack of pizza boxes – luckily we were staying just a short walk away from Embers! If you do decide to order takeaway pizzas from Embers, you should only need to wait around 15-20 minutes – so grab a drink in a nearby pub while you wait.

Shall I show you what we ordered?

takeaway pizza from embers pizza in padstow cornwall
pizzas from embers pizza padstow cornwall

First up was some classic cheesey garlic bread, always an essential on pizza night and this was excellent. Soft and crispy dough with plenty of cheese and garlic.

cheesey garlic bread from embers pizza padstow

We also ordered a box of dirty nachos to share because, well, why not? These were good – although I’m not sure we’d order these again as they did get quite stuck together in the steamy box. It’s probably better to order these if you’re planning on eating in the restaurant.

The first of our pizzas was a special at the time – hoisin duck pizza. An unusual combination of flavours that seems to be popping up on more menus, it’s delicious – and the version from Embers was no exception.

hoisin duck pizza from embers pizza padstow

Our next pizza was simply called ‘Pig’. Roast pork, Cornish sausage and roasted peppers on a tomato and mozzarella base – meaty and very tasty. An ideal choice if you normally opt for a meat feast pizza or similar.

Next up was the mushroom pizza, and even though I personally don’t like mushrooms (at all), I did try a little and it was very good. Wild mushrooms, ricotta, truffle oil and garlic atop oozy mozzarella – if you’re a veggie, this would be a fantastic choice.

mushroom pizza from embers pizza padstow

The first of my choices was the Embers house special, the Mackerel pizza. We were in Cornwall after all!

Fresh mackerel, black olives, samphire, parmesan and pesto on a tomato and mozzarella base. All kinds of delicious, especially if you’re a seafood lover like myself. If you’re after an unusual and delicious pizza while you’re in Padstow, try this!

mackerel pizza from embers pizza padstow cornwall

My second pizza choice (and what an excellent idea it was to order two small pizzas each) was one of the specials of the day at Embers. Cornish crab, rocket, mozzarella and tomato – a simply delicious combination of flavours, and whenever I’m in Cornwall I try to eat as much crab as possible!

This was a very tasty pizza, and if it’s on offer when you visit – promise me you’ll give it a try?

cornish crab pizza from embers pizza padstow

Embers is an excellent addition to Padstow, serving up some very good woodfired pizzas – a great choice if you fancy a pizza night in your holiday cottage.

Find out more about Embers here – and if you would like to eat in, make sure to book!

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Woodfired Pizza at Embers, Padstow Cornwall

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