Swimming in the Adriatic Sea – Medsailors Croatia

Waking up to see the sunrise over the ocean really is something special, isn’t it?

We departed the beautiful island of Vis early(ish) in the morning after an excellent slap-up breakfast cooked by our skipper. The water was incredibly calm, clear and blue, especially in the mornings, and it was very tempting to jump in. That being said, it was much colder than it looked!


We spent several hours each day sailing on the Adriatic Sea, which was definitely my favourite part of the holiday. The water was so calm, the weather was lovely and it was such a relaxing way to travel!


Our first stop was at the Blue Caves. We moored up in a bay, where we were collected from our catamaran by a small boat. Tickets cost 70 kuna each (just over £8) which gives you the trip into the caves with your own tour guide.

Entry to the caves is restricted to those who have paid to enter on the tour boats. The experienced skippers know their way in and out of the rocks, and the vibration of any engines bigger than theirs could cause the rocks above to tumble down – so we were more than happy to be with our guide!


The entrance to the caves was a hole marginally bigger than the boat we were on – which was a little terrifying to approach at high speed! Inside the caves, everything really does glow bright blue. It was an amazing sight!

The water in the caves is so blue because of the sunlight that shines in from outside, causing the water to appear to glow from below. A simple explanation, but a beautiful experience!


After exploring the caves, we headed back to our catamaran and set sail for our next stop – this time for some lunch and a dip in the sea.


We moored up in a bay next to a secluded beach, put on our swimmers and jumped straight in to the clear blue water. The water was incredibly clear – you could see straight to the bottom, and all around you for a good few metres!


The guys on our catamaran were brilliant company and we had a lot of fun splashing around in the water, attempting to paddle board and playing with inflatables. What’s not to love?

Our destination for the next day was the island of Hvar – keep an eye out for the next post!

One thought on “Swimming in the Adriatic Sea – Medsailors Croatia

  1. What a wonderful experience….brave to go in the cave, but well worth it judging by the photography 🏊🏼‍♂️😎


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