Padstow, Pasties and Trevone Beach


Back in October, we visited Padstow for a long weekend. Padstow is one of my favourite places to visit, especially in the Autumn/Winter months as there aren’t any tourists around!

As soon as we arrived, we knew what had to be done first – a pasty each. I reckon we’ve got our priorities straight! I opted for the chicken, bacon & leek (so good) and T had the traditional.

Trevone Beach is just around the corner from Padstow (about a 5 minute drive) and is definitely worth a visit if you’re down that way.

Trevone is the perfect balance of smooth, sandy beach and rugged, rocky beach – so it is perfect for everyone!


We managed to explore both beaches before it started raining – which completed the ‘British Beach’ experience, in my opinion!

(Myself and T always like to be vibrant in our tourist photos…)


If you’re planning some trips away within the UK this year, you should definitely throw Padstow into the mix! You’ve got a fantastic choice of restaurants, a range of cute shops, some stunning beaches and lots of cosy cottages to stay in – what’s not to love?


7 thoughts on “Padstow, Pasties and Trevone Beach

      1. Ah lovely! 😊 yeah padstow would be a lovely place to live, although a bit crazy in the summer..a bit like most of cornwall! Haha. I saw that you study marine biology, I study applied zoology! Hope you’re enjoying it!


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