Hambledon Vineyard Wine Festival


When I found out about a local wine festival here in Hampshire, I simply couldn’t pass up on the opportunity! The Hambledon Vineyard Wine Festival in August was a great afternoon out, tasting the very best English sparkling wine and exploring the vineyard.


There are three types of English sparkling wine produced at Hambledon Vineyard – Classic Cuvee, Classic Cuvee Rose and Premiere Cuvee. All delicious! The bottles are prices from £28.50 to £42.50 – these are definitely special wines!

My personal favourite was the Classic Cuvee Rose – lightly sparkling, not too sweet, and a generous tasting size too! The friendly staff at the vineyard ensured that your glass was never empty for long.


If you’re in Hampshire this summer, I’d recommend having a look at the events on offer at Hambledon Vineyard – they offer wine tastings, tours and lots of other interesting things. You can find out more here.

Enjoy your new favourite tipple!


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