The Needles & Newport, Isle of Wight


We visited The Needles on what turned out to be a very breezy day (evidence as above) – which was a little disappointing as the cable car was shut down! There’s still a fantastic view though.


The weather was so windy, grey and miserable that we simply had no choice but to return to The Garlic Farm for some comfort food.

This time round, we opted for the mezze sharing board – which came covered in a glorious amount of garlic!

There was garlic bread, garlic puree, a whole roasted garlic bulb, hummus, pickles, fried courgettes, garlic mushrooms and sweet potatoes. It was an interesting mix and thoroughly enjoyable to share!

IMG_3650IMG_3651 copyIMG_3652

For dessert, we decided to share again and chose the cake mezze platter. Chocolate, vanilla and coffee & walnut. Very nice, especially when washed down with a cup of tea!


On our way back to the campsite, we stopped in Newport to have a look around.


Newport is a fairly normal town, with normal shops, so we had a walk along the waterfront instead to have a look at the boats. A very pleasant way to spend the afternoon!

IMG_3690IMG_9820 copy

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