Arriving in Cowes – Cowes Week 2017


As you will have already seen – we bought a van, which Tom has spent months converting into a camper van! (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read here)

So, for Cowes Week this year, we booked a pitch at a campsite and took the van across to the Isle of Wight for the week! We caught the 3am ferry (that was a long day…) and arrived on the IOW an hour later. After a couple of hours sleep in a lay-by, we awoke to glorious sunshine and headed over to our campsite, set up camp and had a nap!

The van itself is big enough for the two of us, but we decided to get a tent so that we could store our gear, set up a kitchen and have a covered area to spread out in. It worked well at first… (more on that later!).


After our nap and some breakfast, we decided to walk into Cowes – which was about 2 miles and very hilly. Never again!

We made a beeline straight for our favourite cafe for a bite to eat and a milkshake. Tiffins of Cowes, located on the main high street, does the best milkshakes you have ever tasted – complete with a dollop of frozen yoghurt, a flake and a strawberry. Delicious. Especially when accompanied by a freshly made bacon and avocado baguette!


During Cowes week, the main esplanade is filled with shopping stands, food & drink stalls and tourists. Last year they had a Pimms teapot – and this year they had rum!

Stay tuned to see the rest of our time on the Isle of Wight…


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