Photography Walkshop – Warsash Wetlands

Back in the Summer, Dad and I went on our first ‘Photography Walkshop’ – hosted by Strong Island. On a drizzly Saturday, we headed over to Warsash (overlooking Southampton Water), put on all our waterproof gear and got our cameras out.

*I was feeling ever so slightly smug about the fact that my camera is waterproof when the rain returned!*

Paul, from Strong Island, runs the workshops as a fun, interactive way to learn more about your camera and how to use it. They welcome everything from compact digital cameras through to the fanciest, heaviest SLR camera – so no one is left out! This walk shop focused on composition and angles – and I’m pretty pleased with the results!



*The series of photos below is my personal favourite!*






We even had a very quick chance to try out a bit of wildlife photography! I think I need to improve my deer stalking though…




If you’re Hampshire based and would like to learn a little more about photography, or just explore a new place, I’d recommend going on a walkshop! Find out more here, and have a chat with Paul if you have any questions!


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