Our First Night Away in the Camper Van

As some of you may know, Tom and I (but mostly Tom!) converted a Renault Trafic into a camper van earlier this year. After months of insulating, building and decorating, we were very excited to have our first night away!

*Side note – if you would like to find out how we carried out the conversion, Tom has made some great videos documenting the process and has also written blog posts on how it was done. Click here for the videos, and here for the blog posts.*



We have a short wheel base van, so it’s quite cosy inside – but comfortable! We opted for a Union Jack patterned fold down sofa-bed (which is awesome) and is big enough for the two of us to get a good night sleep. Tom built a table using recycled kitchen work top and MDF, which also looks great – and has loads of storage room underneath!

The walls are covered with felt, and the ceiling is wood panelled. There’s also jazzy purple and green lights. We love it!


We spent our first night away next to the sea in Hamble. It was lovely to wake up at 6am to this view!




I’m looking forward to many more nights away in our van!


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