Victorious Festival 2016

Last Summer Tom and I went to our first music festival, which luckily for us was right on our doorstep! We were more than happy to go to a festival that didn’t involve any porta-loos, mud or camping in a field – so I’d recommend Victorious Festival if you’re like us!

What I liked about Victorious Festival was that it was on the seafront (always a winner), there was loads of choice of food stalls, and there was lots of little stands to explore – from homemade furniture, to clothes, to handmade beauty bits – the works!

We came across a company called Morning Wood Co (yes, we laughed too) and I fell in love a little with their rustic, bright, hand painted bits of furniture. Unfortunately none of it came home with us – I couldn’t quite convince myself (or Tom!) that it was worth lugging a load of wood back to the car.

Probably a wise choice. 

It was a very hot day – so after feeling slightly sweaty for a couple of hours, we rewarded ourselves with some grown-up drinks… In the form of slushies!

After a day at Victorious Festival, we decided that it wasn’t really our cup of tea – we aren’t the biggest fans of live music, there was a lot of people around, and lots of queues for each stand. To top it all off, the price of Pimms was a little bit ridiculous (And we all know that’s very important!). However, it was a fun day out, and I’d recommend it to someone local to the area looking for a good day out – it just wasn’t for us!

Now, I WILL say that we do like one kind of festival – and that’s a food festival. Stay tuned to find out about our first visit to a food festival!

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