Riding the Ferris Wheel at Cowes Week 2016

Good Morning lovely people!

Our second day at Cowes Week last year started off a little grey… a lot grey! And we all know that the best way to counteract a miserable, grey day is with some sweet treats. So, we popped over to Tiffins for some drinks – I had a smoothie, and Tom had a thick chocolate shake with a dollop of frozen yogurt (I was pretty envious!). We would highly recommend Tiffins to anyone visiting Cowes!

We spent the day wandering through the streets and window shopping, before taking a ride on the ferris wheel. This was very exciting indeed – and the view was pretty impressive!

We were keeping the RIB at East Cowes Marina, which I would highly recommend to anyone visiting Cowes, especially during Cowes Week! It was much quieter, less expensive and had a lovely restaurant next door. It’s also very picturesque!

The commute back to the mainland in the sun was lovely – a little nippy, but it’s fantastic seeing the sunset from the water!

I hope you are enjoying these pictures from Cowes Week – I promise I’ll be caught up soon!

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