Watching the Americas Cup 2016

Good Morning everyone!
As you know, we like boats – Tom has a family boat, we both work with boats and we live near the sea. So, it’s time for more boats (I know you missed it…). 
Last July we went out into the Solent to watch the Americas Cup racing. 

We went on the day where there was also an air display before the racing began – which was definitely a good choice!

Neither of us really follows the Americas Cup races around the world – we sometimes see the England team from Landrover Bar practicing in the Solent (Ben Ainslie’s HQ is in Portsmouth) but that’s about as much as we know! We really just went out for a day on the water. 

We even took a picnic along with us and anchored up amongst the other spectators on their boats – it was a lovely day for it!

I’d thoroughly recommend going along to watch the Americas Cup racing, even if it’s just for a good day out with a great atmosphere! (Although I have no idea when it’s next in this country as it’s a global event!)

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