A Long Weekend in Perugia

Good Afternoon everyone!

Last July (I’m a year behind, apologies!) Tom and I flew to Perugia to visit our friend. As soon as we landed, a wall of heat hit us – so we threw our swimsuits on and jumped straight in the pool. Our first day was basically spend shade-bathing by the pool (we both burn to a crisp) and having a lovely dinner on the patio with lots of wine.

Guess what we did the next day? Yep – more lounging by the pool!

Tom made a new friend – who also enjoyed a spot of swimming in the pool (he splashed a LOT).

In the evening we went into Perugia for dinner – which was spent at a little restaurant in a courtyard, eating fresh pizza outside. Accompanied by more wine – what more could we have asked for?

We flew home on another hot day, very early in the morning – and very tired! It was a lovely relaxing weekend spend in Umbria.

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