Exploring Cape Verde

Our first day trip was to the city, where we were given some of the local cuisine for breakfast (unfortunately we weren’t too keen…) – and we were also treated to some music while we ate.

One of the most surprising things about Cape Verde was how friendly everyone was, regardless of their living situations or jobs – all the locals that we met were kind, helpful and eager to say hello. It was refreshing, and so completely different to what we were used to!

The sea front in the city was a little less appealing than the beach at our hotel, but there was lots of pretty little boats to look at!

(And a sunken one!)

Part of our tour round the city led us to where the locals did their laundry – and unlike the chore it is for us back home, out there it was a group activity that everyone seemed to enjoy!

I hope you’re enjoying our photos from our holiday to Cape Verde – there’s not too many more to go!

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