Visiting the Hayward Gallery in London

Morning all!
For my birthday last year, I stayed in London for a couple of nights with my friend, Sam.

It was a tad grey!

First up was brunch at Giraffe (Y.U.M)

The next stop was the Hayward Gallery – the part of our trip that I was most excited for!
They had a special exhibition on, involving the likes of giant moving mushrooms, curly slides and mirrored goggles – what more could you ask for?

It started with a pitch-black maze of metal tunnels, so dark that you had to hold on to your partner in crime (I was very thankful to have Sam with me!) and feel your way along the tunnel and back to the light. I will admit that we were very loud and giggly – which was only amplified by the metal walls surrounding us!

As we explored the gallery we came across a huge pile of … red and white pills … falling from the ceiling – we didn’t understand all the art!

There was even a super-sized die that you could climb inside of – a little claustrophobic!

Next up was some aimless wondering around on the roof with some upside-down mirrored goggles. Difficult and hilarious to watch!

On the other side of the rood was some kind of flying, rotating contraption – we did not go on this. No thank you! It looked like it might be fun for the braver visitors!

The next part of our London trip will be up on the blog shortly!

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