Arriving in Crete

Morning all!
Our flight to Crete was on a Thursday afternoon, and after a 4 hour flight and a 2 hour time difference (and a coach journey) we arrived at our hotel at around half 11. (Zzzzzzz)

When we pulled up outside the hotel, we couldn’t quite believe that it was our hotel – it looked absolutely amazing in the dark!

Our room overlooked one of the pools, so we had a lovely view both day and night! We were both absolutely shattered so we flopped into bed almost immediately, after admiring the view for a few minutes.

I’m really excited to share all the lovely snaps we got while we were away! Crete was such a beautiful and relaxing holiday, and I’d highly recommend a visit! (It was also lovely and warm and sunny…)

I hope you all have a lovely day!

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