Exploring Tintagel

Good Morning everyone!
I’m back from Crete now, after a lovely holiday with Mum, so hopefully (fingers crossed) I’ll get back to regular posts! We will see…
On our second day staying in Port Isaac we decided to jump in the car and visit Tintagel. There’s a small town, and a road down to the ruins of the castle and a beach.

The beach itself was VERY windy (it was a struggle trying to eat sandwiches) and the water was freezing – not a surprise – but it was a lovely little beach, with interesting bits to explore.

This little tunnel lead all the way through to the sea on the other side – if the tide had been higher you might have been able to swim through (although it would be pretty dangerous!).

My cousins from Chicago had come over and were staying with us in the house in Port Isaac.

(We both look a little chilly!)

The others decided to walk over the bridge and up the hill to see the ruins of the castle, while Anna and I decided not to (we were tired!) and walked up the other hill to look at the view.

There was some antics in the gift shop afterwards involving a heavy sword – which I think we would have liked to take home!

I hope everyone has a lovely day!

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