Arriving in Padstow

Good Morning everyone!

We arrived in Padstow at midday on Saturday (after queuing through traffic for the Royal Cornwall Show for 50 minutes when we had 8 miles left of the journey) and after dumping our stuff in the hotel made a beeline for Rick Steins Fish and Chips restaurant. YUM.

This little dog looked absolutely exhausted!

The Metropolitan Hotel has a huge lawn in front of it (which apparently the owner lands his helicopter on).

Being the granny I am (ho ho) I had a bath before dinner. At 5pm. Yep.

The view from my hotel room was amazing – such a good view over the harbour!

We had dinner at No. 6 – but I didn’t feel it was appropriate to take photos in there (as it is rather nice!).

I’ll leave you with this amazing view over the harbour at night – simply beautiful!

I hope you all have a lovely day.

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