Smack Lobster

Hello everyone!

One of the restaurants we went to in London was Smack Lobster – and it was one of the nicest meals I’ve ever had!

You can find them on Binney Street, just off Oxford Street and opposite Selfridges.

They do the most amazing lobster rolls – Dad and I both went for the Seven Samurai roll, and It was like a giant sushi sandwich! They come in the most amazing brioche rolls… mmm…

We also had a side of courgette fries (covered in parmesan!) to share, and a pot of lobster chowder each which was delicious! A bonus is that the soft drinks are refillable (and who doesn’t love that!).

Just look at the fries! Soooo goooooood.

I’d highly recommend a visit – it’s cheap, easy to get to and really delicious!

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