Warner Bros Studio Tour

Morning everyone!
I’m back again – I’ve been busy at uni and completely forgot to do any posts.
Today I’m giving a sneak-peek into the Harry Potter tour at the Warner Bros studios – I’ve only included cheesey touristy pictures of myself with various Potter props, in order to try not to spoil the experience for anyone who hasn’t yet been! 
Time to fly off to Hogwarts… 

We were greeted by the doors to the Great Hall, as to be expected. 
A quick snap was needed!

We visited the studios while they were having a special winter event – meaning everything was covered in tinsel, snow or other wizardly decorations.

I haven’t included a lot of pictures, as I didn’t want to reveal the cool things hidden at the studios!

I had to pop in this picture of the entrance to Dumbledores’ office though – very cool!

And of course the potions classroom – Professor Slughorn’s classroom that is.

After a peek around all the different sets and a green screen broomstick experience (which is well worth doing – SO COOL!) I took a quick trip into the Ministry of Magic..

I’m cringing a bit as I write this – I didn’t realise just how touristy all these photos are!

Another quick snap in Privet Drive..

And one in Diagon Alley – This set was absolutely amazing! I felt like a real Hogwarts student. (cringe again)

Skipping over all of the other exciting things that we came across on the tour, it ended with a walk around the inside of Ollivander’s Wand shop.

Each of the wand boxes had a different name on them! I can’t imagine how much time it took to make each of the sets there – they were all so detailed and perfect.

I tested out my invisible wand ..

After being at the studios for 7 hours in total (the gift shop took a while to look around) we needed sustenance – in the form of authentic butterbeer and a not-so-authentic hotdog.

As you can see, I always eat my food with elegance and dignity.

That’s all for now – I would strongly recommend a visit to the studios! Whether you’re a Harry Potter enthusiast like myself or you simply enjoyed the movies, it makes for an amazing day out.

I will definitely be going back for another round!

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