A couple weeks ago, Dad and I took a little day trip to Cowes. It was lovely and sunny as we left Southampton, and the sun lasted all day (hooray!).

The ferry took about 20 mins to get across the Solent, and we passed the Southampton and New Forest coastlines on the way.

We had just missed Cowes Week, so all the flags and banners were still up all over the town.

We had A-MAZING fish’n chips for lunch – I went for ‘rock’ because I’m not sure what fish it is!

The locals came out to greet us – I must admit, I didn’t realise until about a month ago that swans could live in the sea!

We could just about see the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth from Cowes, which was pretty impressive.

We went to a local bakery for a snack, and they had a very unusual way of running things. We had to grab a board and help ourselves to cake, bread, pastries, drinks and jam and then pay for everything as we left – such a cool system!

I opted for a massive pain au chocolat, and dad went for a giant slab of gooey walnut chocolate brownie… mmmmmmm.

The bakery served breakfast, lunch and dinner in an odd way too. There was a sign up saying that what was available for lunch and dinner varied every day according to what took their fancy and what was at the market.

The long wooden tables had huge knobs of butter and bowls of jam on for you to help yourself to. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the bakery… but it’s on the high street and smells amazing as you walk past.

There wasn’t an awful lot going on on the seafront, but there were loads of cannons and boats to look at.

Being a marine biologist in training, I had to get a pic of all the seaweed – lovely.

We stopped for afternoon tea before our ferry back home. Well, I had tea and dad had a local beer.

We had a great day in Cowes, and there are loads of interesting little shops to look around. I’m definitely going to go back for a proper shopping trip!

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