Last february we went to Paphos, Cyprus on holiday. The local town was, to say the least, disappointing and a bit run down. However, the 5* hotel we stayed at was amazing! It had lots of pools, amazing buffets and was on the waterfront!

This is the view from the harbour in Paphos. There was loads of restaurants serving all cuisines – a lot of fish and pizza! – and a few shops, including the tacky tourist shops you always see.

This was the view from our hotel room – awesome!

So these are the outdoor pools, complete with a pool bar! But because we arrived in Cyprus before the holiday season it wasn’t particularly warm and the pool bar wasn’t open.

The holiday started with 2 sunny days, and then thunderstormed for the rest of the time.

I liked the Cypriot locals, and I think they liked me!

It had nothing to do with the fish we were eating…

We took a trip to Aphrodite’s baths, and there was a nice sandy beach not too far from there.

We took a dip and I got a bit sandy! As you can see, my sunbathing was going well…

The beach at the hotel was small most of the time because of the tides – and the water wasn’t very warm!

The view from the cliffs of Aphrodite’s baths was amazing!

Unfortunately, having drove all the way out to the baths, we never actually saw them! Oops.

We did a bit of skimming stones on the beach – it was too cold and windy for anything else!

We enjoyed the sunny weather while we could!

2 thoughts on “Cyprus

  1. Morning Kathryn, I was just commenting on your biro drawing atop of photos, when I saw 'newer post', you were posting at the same time, so now I am commenting again ha ha.
    Your piccies are stunning, you have captured the scene in the first one so beautifully, the view is breathtaking.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx


  2. Hi Kathryn,
    I take a chance most days and visit your blog to see if you have posted more photos….and today you have. Once again they are stunning, even thought you said it was cooler you've still managed to capture such a beautiful sky and I love the first photo.

    Love Sheila xx


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