Morning everyone! 
I’ve just come across the photos that I took on a trip to Italy a couple of years ago – and I thought they were worth putting up here!
The sky was so blue and it was so hot… imagine that kind of weather in England! In my dreams…
We went to this big old town called Gubio and it really was your stereotypical italian town – pale stone walls, tall buildings and long winding streets – and of course a lot of Fiats!

I remember how amazing the ‘gelato’ and pizza was out there – english pizza and ice cream just doesn’t compare!

I wasn’t too sure on the local dress code though… what a brave guy!

We took the cable car up the rocky mountain – it was more of a cable cage – and the view up there was amazing! The ride up was a bit bumpy and the rickety old cages we rode in didn’t feel too safe…

No clouds in sight – amazing!

Once we had safely got back down from the mountain – dodgy ride back too! – we headed off to another italian town. I’m afraid I can’t remember the name of the second one!

There was more long, winding streets and cobbled roads.

Look, a cloud!

We saw the old open air amphitheatre – you had to pay to go and look around! What a swizz.

There was a big cathedral and lots of pale, huge buildings surrounding a massive courtyard.

I wish I could have stayed there in the warm weather for months!

3 thoughts on “Italia

  1. Hi Kathryn, Hope your Mum got there to see you safely.
    These pictures are superb, I have always wanted to go to Italy, and in these pictures, I have seen a beautiful part of the world, thank you.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx


  2. Hi Kathryn,
    Wow these photos are absolutely stunning…I've never seen such beautiful blue sky and I'm not a photographer but I love the different ways you've captured the arches on three of the photos. Fabulous.

    Love Sheila xx


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