Out in the wild

I will be using animals – especially my cats – in my designs, probably in cartoon form.

Drawings will be following soon!

This is Smokey. She loves modelling and is going to pursue it as a career.

Just look at her face! Such a bea-utiful pussycat.

10 thoughts on “Out in the wild

  1. Hi Kathryn, Just popped across from your Mum's Blog, well done setting up your Blog, I don't know how you all find the time to do your Blogs, I spend that much time on my laptop that I don't have time to do 'housework', sorry I just said the 'H' word, I could do with a cleaner, gardener and a cook, then I could spend more time crafting ha ha.
    I love your piccies of Smokey, she is definitely a 'chilled out' kitty, and loves to be photographed, and she's in the 'sunshine', something we are all waiting eagerly for ha ha.
    Lots of love, and Good Luck for your Blog, from Patricia xx


  2. Hi Kathryn, Follow your talented mum on her blog wvery day and you've obviously got her creative gene. I have 5 cats of my own and love anything Kittylike, so love your photos of Smokey.

    Take care. Val in Spain xxx


  3. Hi Kathryn, what lovely photos. Smokey is divine – that look of absolute comfort in the grass!! I so miss my animals and can't wait to retire so I can find another best friend. At the moment I work and live in a first floor flat so gettingc even a little kitty wouldn't be fair. I too have popped across from you Mum's blog, she's a clever lady!
    Good luck with your blog Hugs Annie


  4. Morning Kathryn, Just popped over from your talented mum's
    blog and as Val said you obviously take after her love all
    your photo's looked at all your flowers and others too
    they are great both my son and daughter are photographers
    my son teaches in Australia but my daughter did a course
    and just does it for hobby well done. Nancyd xx


  5. Hello Kathryn, I too follow your talented Mum's blog am pleased that she pointed me to your. I love cats and Smokey is a beautiful kittie, it is lovely to see her relaxing in the sun, wish we had some now. Good luck with the blog.
    Take care. June xxx


  6. Hi Kathryn, Just popped across from your Mum's Blog, you've taken some lovely pics of Smokey. I too have loads of pics of the cats and dogs that have shared my home,plus the flowers from the gardens .good luck with the blog


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